VAMP: High Tea Edition

‘Vamp: High Tea Edition’ (2011) is an exploration into popular culture’s obsession with the charming and alluring vampire character. The concept of the fictitious vampire within current popular culture fascinates me. How does a creature that goes against our natural and ethical beliefs, a creature whose nature we are naturally repulsed by and frightened of, have the ability to seduce and lure? This is a question that I find myself coming back to; a question that I am continuing to explore through my current art practice.

The cookbook features a series of nine captivating images of high tea recipes; which upon further examination of the accompanying texts reveal blood as a key ingredient in each recipe. The seductive nature of the images functions in a similar way to that of the vampire character in popular culture, engaging the viewer in such a way that various abject qualities inherent within the vampire figure are ultimately accepted.

The purpose of the cookbook is to raise questions concerning the vampire’s necessity to consume blood (in particular their instinctual craving for human blood, a threat to human life),  something that viewers of the genre should find repulsive. The work draws light to the irony concerning the vampire character as being at once repulsive yet desirable.

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